Living in London

Living in the big old city that is London means that there’s always something to capture; sunsets, sunrises, festivals,  scenic streets and magic moments. I’ve collected some of my favourite photos as I trot around on my adventures which show off London in all its glory.

IMG_3351A midsummer night at the London Eye

IMG_0778Clapham Common at sunrise

IMG_1899Red bus love-in on Waterloo Bridge

IMG_1928Houses of Parliament

IMG_1930Canary Wharf in the sunshine


IMG_2120The Langham at sunset

IMG_2121The Knightsbridge Hotel

IMG_2184Street food at the London chapter of Jaipur Literary Festival

IMG_2192Summer on Southbank

IMG_2439Rainy London as seen from The Shard

Have you got any good snaps of London? If so, send them in or share them with me on Twitter and Instagram.

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